Do I need my account number ready when I call?
Yes, we will ask for it and it will expedite the process if you have it handy.
Is it possible to make a payment over the phone?
No, we are not set up to accept payments over the phone nor do we accept debit or credit cards. We can set-up an automatic payment to be debited monthly from your bank account.
Is it possible to make a payment after hours?
Yes, we do have an after hour secure payment box which is accessible by personal delivery. Please be sure to include your name and account number. DO NOT leave cash. These payments will be posted the next business day.
Is it possible to get a reprint of my 1098/1099?
Yes, for a nominal fee we can reprint this form for you. Please be aware, the originals are printed on both sides with a payment history on the back side.
Is it possible to pay my lender directly?
No, please submit all payments, including balloon payments or principal payments, directly to our office. All payments should be processed through our accounting system so that an accurate balance is maintained. For large payments, we accept Cashier's Checks or bank wires with an additional incoming wire fee.
Is it possible to make a cash payment?
Yes, we can accept up to $1,000.00 per month, per account. We do not provide change. Please have the exact amount you wish to pay, or the overage will be applied to your principal balance.
What is my payoff balance?
Are you asking for a current balance or an actual payoff quote? We can provide a verbal balance, however, a payoff quote requires a review of the account along with additional fees, and is typically a 24 hour turn-around time. If you want to review your payment history, please consider signing up for our "Internet Account Inquiry" service which you can access anytime.
When does my payment get processed?
We process payments received by 2:00 pm on the date received. If you are making a balloon payment by personal check, we may hold it up to 7 days or until it clears our bank. It takes approximately 2-3 business days for the funds to be credited electronically.
Can Pacific Trust Deed Servicing Co., Inc. prepare my documents for a new account?
We can prepare our forms for an additional charge. We cannot prepare Legal Documents or give legal advice. We strongly encourage you to go through a title company or attorney to prepare the required documents needed to establish an account.
What if my banking information has recently changed?
Please complete new authorization forms, and provide a copy of a voided check or advice of banking. This is for either Borrower/Obligor (ACH Debit) and for Payee/Lender/Seller (ACH Credit). Please see the "Forms" section for these documents,
What if I have moved or changed my phone number?
It is important that we have your most recent contact information. Please be sure to call or email our office to update.
Did your spouse, partner or family member recently pass away and have an account with us?
If so, we will need a copy of the death certificate, and may require additional documentation for disbursement of funds. Please call our office and we can look at the vesting on their note. We will help direct you in the appropriate direction depending if the family member was a Payee/Lender/Seller or Borrower/Obligor.
Have you recently changed your name due to getting married, divorced or other circumstances?
If so, we will need written evidence. Please provide a copy of your marriage license, divorce decree or other pertinent documents.
I have an adjustable rate note. Does Pacific Trust Deed Servicing Co., Inc. automatically make said rate adjustments when it becomes effective?
No, we require all parties to provide 30 days written notice of such changes and submit the required Amendment/Modification fee.
I have an interest only loan but want to make annual principal reductions. Will Pacific Trust Deed Servicing Co., Inc. automatically adjust my payment after each reduction?
No, we require all parties to provide 30 days written notice of the payment adjustment and submit the required Amendment/Modification fee.
I noticed a discrepancy on my ledger, what should I do?
Please contact our office immediately to review. If there is a posting error, the sooner we know about it, the sooner we can investigate and make a determination.
The borrower is late with their payment, will Pacific Trust Deed Servicing Co., Inc. send them a notice?
Yes, if there is a late fee provision on the note, and all parties have signed our Exhibit "A" for the collection of late charges.
I've sold my note, now what?
This will require an Assignment of Beneficial Interest and you should contact an attorney or title company to assist in this type of transaction. We can direct you to the appropriate worksheet on our website to aide in this process.
I have someone who wants to assume my loan, who do I contact?
This will require an Assumption of Obligor/Buyer�s Interest. We recommend you contact a title company to assist with this transaction.
I need copies of all my documents, where can I get them?
If you require copies of your original documents we can email them. If you have a special need for Overnight delivery, there will be a shipping charge for this service. Please contact our office for this request.
Are you able to make rental partnership distributions?
Yes, we have a few clients who are collecting large monthly rental checks from properties they own. Many times the managing partner may send out six or seven monthly partner distributions.

By setting up an account we are able to perform this service with all the benefits of direct deposit, email notification, etc.

This can be very convenient if the manager is out of town enjoying their retirement and his recipients are spread out all over the country. The partners are then able to receive their proportionate share in a timely fashion.

Note that we do not provide property management services, only payment disbursement services.

We thank you for your business and look forward to providing all of our customers with a high-quality experience and answers to your most frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact our offices.